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What IS this?  What does it show? 
And why is it a better idea for Baltimore?

The Right Rail Plan for Baltimore
On closer look, one sees a modern transit network that serves Baltimoreans from West to East--more efficiently, using existing transit resources, and at a far more affordable cost than the proposed Red Line plan, cancelled by Governor Larry Hogan.

Using existing right of ways and building on Baltimore's rapid Metro, the Right Rail Plan delivers a public transit blueprint offering an East/West artery that can serve as a cornerstone for an effective and efficient transit system--one with seven times the capacity of the former Red Line plan. 

Connecting with existing rail-based public transportation in the center of the city, the Right RailPlan can be constructed at manageable cost and within a reasonable timeframe.

A Community Challenge!
The Right Rail Coalition challenges citizens and City and State decision-makers to embrace a forward looking, modern, and comprehensive public transit system that serves Baltimoreans who need effective transportation--a connected and integrated system that
  • is affordable and cost effective
  • builds on existing infrastructure
  • can be ready for use this decade
  • reclaims abandoned neighborhoods
  • expands in thoughtful and forward-looking stages, and
  • ensures a solid blueprint for future system options and planned growth

Calling for a modern transit network, the Right Rail emphasizes a transportation network that is affordable, constructed in phases, and less costly than the City's previous $3 billion plan known as the Red Line.

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Now is the time to get the light rail right!

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