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January 27, 2014
Image by Marc Szarkowski
The Red Line plan spends most of its money digging a tunnel under downtown, while most communities get only crumbs. Here's our vision for redevelopment of the Harlem Park area, inside the "Highway to Nowhere".  

November 12, 2014
The midterm election has brought both the Red Line and Purple Line projects into the spotlight. The sweeping victory in the Governor's race by Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford and Republican control of the Senate have has brought the projects into question. Mr. Hogan's criticized both projects during his campaign due to their costs, and federal funding is not yet fully secured for either project. We at the RRC see this as a real opportunity for Baltimore to learn from its mistakes and build fiscally-responsible, connected, and effective transit. 

For more on how we think Maryland can build a smarter, connected, and more cost-effective transit network sooner see this excellent letter written by RRC board member Gerald Neily: "Hogan should downsize the Red Line" and check out our News page.

September 10, 2014:
Breakdown of the finances for the Red Line. Costs continue to escalate as every transit measure is getting worse.
Baltimore City and Baltimore County are on the hook for 10% of the project costs - the costs below WILL GO UP.
A property tax increase is still on the table.
And even under these best-case funding estimates, the State is at least $530-$830 million short.
Regarding the P3: Asked exactly what that would entail, state's transportation secretary James Smith said: “Well, we don't know yet (see more from Christian Schaffer, ABC 2). And Is there a Plan B? No. (see more on this from Jayne Miller WBAL 11).

July 22, 2014:
As Red Line costs continue to escalate: Baltimore City will have to pay!
Baltimore City will have to pay at least $250 million, and likely much more. It's not free money any more. And the Mayor has recently acknowledged that a property tax increase is on the table.
Click to read more and see how the project, formerly paid for by State and Federal, now has a ballooning City share.
But there's a better plan - read below.

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July 2014: We Can Build a Better Red Line Without Raising Your Taxes!

The RIGHT Rail Plan for Baltimore
Better, Faster, and Built for Less than the $2.65 Billion Red Line

A new East/West transportation plan has been introduced by the Right Rail Coalition—citizens advocating for a multi-modal, comprehensive, integrated and affordable public transit system for Baltimore.  

The RIGHT Rail Plan presents Baltimore with an affordable, thoughtfully planned, and modern transit network while addressing head on growing concerns about rapidly increasing costs of the proposed $2.65 billion Red Line project.

Using existing right of ways and building on the existing Metro system, the Right Rail Plan delivers a faster, better connected, seven-times higher capacity East/West artery that will serve as a cornerstone for an integrated transit system—at a cost of at least $1 billion less!

Click here or on any of the below images to view a high-resolution PDF that explains our plan and how we can build a better connected Baltimore for less. Or, dig into more information from the links on the left.

We envision a Modern Streetcar network connecting Baltimore!
Now is the time to get the light rail right!

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